The High Performer Award


With a coarse voice and a common sense approach to all things, Ed Quay is a man who is never afraid to offer help to anyone, an endearing quality and one which certifies him as a true High Performer. For a man who barely made it through the educational system growing up, he has become an expert in the field of geometry as it relates to race cars. read more


The date was May 3rd, 1970. The Bloom family had previously moved from Brooklyn, New York to the suburbs of Marlboro, New Jersey, conveniently located within earshot of Raceway Park in Englishtown. read more


The site was Green Avenue in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, a residential area in the 1970s but one where at any one time there may be a slew of fiberglass bodies sitting outside one particular garage. read more


He started like a lot of others in the sport, wearing maybe greasy jeans and dirty T-shirts, but Don Schumacher is a driven man, driven to succeed first in the sport of drag racing and eventually the business world. read more


Starting out as a part-time crewman and eventually going to work full-time on the Don Prudhomme crew, Allen Bridges was always into fuel car racing as a fabricator and engine builder. That is until he met safety pioneer Bill Simpson. read more


It was in 1958, when an 18-year old Bill Simpson broke both arms in a drag racing crash. He later said, “Until then, I was like most drivers. The only time I thought about safety was after I was hurt. This time, it was bad enough to do a lot of thinking.” read more


By his own admittance, Steve Faria isn’t an engineer. As the owner of System 1, he oversees a company that specializes in oil pump and filtration manufacturing. “I was raised on a farm and you just became a sort of ‘jack-of-all-trades.’ " read more


Growing up in the heydays of drag racing in southern California, Danny Gracia was every bit the car guy as anyone else. In fact, rumor has it, he “borrowed” his father’s truck at nine-years old to take it for a spin around the neighborhood. And what a neighborhood it was. read more


The best laid plans often go awry. Tired of the Indiana winters, Rob Moser’s plan was to leave for the warmer climate of California with attendance at the University of Southern California. read more


Working in the shop in his teenage years, Jeffrey Robert Stange literally learned the business from the ground up. Sweeping floors, digging ditches, and general cleaning kept the youngster busy. read more