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This Week’s Two-Cents Worth - ADD

This isn’t much about racing but I think I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and I don’t think I’m alone. In fact, I think there’s a lot of people who have it and probably won’t admit it. Maybe… read more

Optimists & Pessimists - This Week's Blog

Football season. I’m not a real big sports fan but I do try to keep track of things in the sports world. And of course during the course of “our” season, it’s kind of hard to follow other sports with… read more

Up On The Soapbox – This Week’s Two Cents

It’s practice tree season with what appears to be at least a dozen or so Practice Tree Races across the country set to take place or have done so already. Some of which are paying out some rather… read more

This Week's Blog - Hoping For A Happy New Year

Now that the holidays are done, maybe we can get back to racing? I sure hope so. I guess it’s that time of year to reflect on what the previous year brought us and hoping for the next. It has been a… read more

This Week's Two-Cents

Spent some time both at the PRI Trade Show and on the phone yesterday with European Pro Stock racer Michael Malmgren. In the March print issue of Drag Racing Edge we’ll have a story comparing Pro… read more

This Week’s Rant

Back from the PRI Trade Show. Lots of people. Cold weather, but I think I covered that in last week’s blog, so I won’t beat that dead horse again. People always ask “What was new there?” The short… read more

This Week? - PRI's $.02 Worth

So, it seems like a couple of weeks ago I was lamenting about several teams dropping out of Pro Stock, one of which was the 2017 champion Bo Butner. Apparently, he changed his mind or somebody… read more

Two Cents Worth - Can "It" Be Fixed?

There was a recent post on Facebook which noted the problems facing NASCAR in the coming months and years. A lot of the problems facing them are much the same facing the NHRA. But I get a little… read more

Perfect - My Opinion

Can we say that the Steve Torrence/Capco Contracting Top Fuel team is better that the NFL New England Patriots? Oh, they’re not better than the 1972 Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins complete a perfect… read more

Who Won What? - This Week's Rambling

Off to Pomona this week for the final race of the NHRA season and maybe see some history made. If Steve Torrence goes on to win the Top Fuel title in Pomona, it’ll make six wins in six races in a… read more

This Week's Rambling

If you’re reading this now, you must know that I didn’t win 1.6 billion in the Lottery. But the truth is that if I had, I’d probably still be writing, or at least I think so. Oh sure, we might all… read more

Pros, Pro Stock, Sportsman & No Prep - My Opinion

Back from the NHRA Carolina Nationals in Charlotte and like always, the opinions expressed here are just that… opinions – my own and no one else’s. A couple of observations about the racing, Pro… read more

My Two-Cents This Week 10-9

Big races this past weekend. Dallas, Rockingham, Darlington, Door Wars at Maple Grove Raceway, divisional bracket finals, and probably a couple more that I apologize for missing. With the exception… read more

My Thoughts On The Week In Drag Racing

Two weeks in a row and I’m penning my thoughts on this past week in our sport. That must be some sort of record for me as we get so busy around here that I barely remember the object was to drain the… read more

This Week In Drag Racing - My Two-Cents

Words John DiBartolomeo … Hopefully this will be a once a week affair with just my own thoughts into the what I see in our sport. We’ll just have to see how things go, but in any event… First of all… read more