Hate is a pretty tough word and I really don’t hate traveling. In fact, I enjoy it. Forget this past year, but in most years, I spend around a third of the year sleeping in another bed other than the one in my home. Of course, some of those days are spent in my motorhome, but you get the idea.

And I enjoy the driving part also. I’ve mentioned my eight-hour rule when it comes to flying, in that if it takes me eight-hours to drive to a destination, I’ll choose to drive rather than fly. By the time you get to an airport early between all the security checks, not to mention the fact of possibly having your flight delayed, it’d probably take eight-hours anyway even if it’s just a one or two-hour flight. When I do fly, I’ll often choose the window seat because I enjoy seeing the sights.

A drive to the left coast was a big highlight for me, and I believe everyone should experience it once in their lives. To see the vastness of our country and coming from the crowded east coast, to think there are probably square miles of the land where a human foot has probably not stepped on is incredible.

However, if you’ve spent any time behind the wheel, you might just agree with some of these below concerns.

First of all, driving even a small truck and trailer should impress upon you how hard it is for today’s truck drivers. Those people are out there trying to make a living and it’s not easy. Regardless of what some after-hours television lawyer may lead you to believe, big trucks are not always the culprit in a lot of accidents. Give them the right of way.

Second, I hate stopping for fuel, gas or diesel. No matter what you’re driving, stopping for fuel will usually waste at least a half-hour of your time. Stopping for fuel or even a bathroom break at a rest area allows you to get out and stretch, but it just seems like time which could be better spent driving. I might even pay more for the fuel (maybe not) if we had something like military re-fueling planes which could re-fuel our trucks as we drive down the road, although that sounds pretty dangerous.

Third, just like any other big rig drivers, having someone come up on your side just driving along next to you without moving can be annoying, especially when they sit on your left side preventing you from moving over a lane. Which brings up another point of contention for me.

If you’re going to drive in the fast lane on an interstate highway; the far left one; then by all means DRIVE FAST, or move over and let somebody by. And how many times have you driven on a four-lane highway; two lanes coming and going; where you’ve tried to get around a slower vehicle in the right lane, placed your left signal light on and the cars behind you speed up to block you from passing? This goes back to what I expressed earlier about giving big rigs some sort of consideration as to how hard it is to navigate with a big truck and trailer.

I guess in all the years I’ve been driving; I’ve probably racked up millions of miles; I couldn’t even begin to guess. And I still enjoy it as much as when I was 12-years old and my uncle let me drive his car around on his farm. I think I probably counted down the days until I received my official state driver’s license. That’s something I don’t think many of today’s youth are interested in. Not me and I’m guessing a lot of you reading this Blog feel much the same. It’s called freedom and it really is a good feeling.

I’ll be skipping the next two weeks of Blogs, taking time off to celebrate the Christmas and New Year’s season and maybe even hoping to get 2020 behind us somehow.

Stick with me on this one… the season eight finale of the old CBS Dallas television show (1978-1991) had Bobby (actor Patrick Duffy) killed off in a car crash. Season nine went on as the entire show mourned his loss. As season ten opened up, there was Bobby once again and it was explained that season nine was just a dream. What kind of bulls**t was that? But I hope we all wake up on January 1 and it’s determined 2020 was just a dream and the world is back to normal. Can I get a woot-woot for that?

I hope you’ll continue to follow along next year and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very happy and better New Year. -JOHN DiBARTOLOMEO