In last week’s Blog (https://dragracingedge.com/the-blog/subscriptions-blog-57/), I wrote: I sometimes hear that people won’t spend the money for a magazine subscription but will be more than happy to spend thousands on a new engine or any other doo-dad for their racer. I don’t believe that to be true. In this case, please help me prove “those people” wrong.

Well, you did!

Bear in mind that in most cases, I don’t see when people subscribe. However, a couple of days after last week’s Blog hit the airwaves; or whatever it is they call it; I got a note from our IT people wondering what I, or we, did for them to receive so many subscriptions. All I guess I could say is that, “I asked.” And you delivered.

I can’t thank everyone enough. I didn’t expect that to happen, and I was really speaking in terms of having people support the printed efforts of the few drag racing publications out there. There’s only a couple of us left and we all need your support. I’m obviously very thankful you chose to subscribe to Drag Racing Edge, but I’m also thankful you see the need for the printed word. I’ve always felt that way. Yes, the internet provides a lot of information in a very timely fashion, but there still is a place for print, and I feel as if we’re doing a good job. We have a great company supporting us, along with countless advertisers and they all do understand the importance of print in this digital/social media world.

I’ve had some medical (back) issues over the last two weeks and as such have spent too much time in doctor’s offices. But in each case, I’m amazed at the number of print magazines in each waiting room. Titles I’ve never heard of. Naturally you have the standard issue Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest, and Entrepreneur, but there are also what I would consider small niche titles such as Airliners, Philadelphia, and Backyard Poultry, amongst others.

The bottom line is that there is still a place for print magazines in niche markets. Let’s face it, our sport is really a small niche activity in the general scheme of things. Yeah, there are over a hundred-thousands of competitors and maybe even hundreds of thousands of fans, but that’s really nothing in the world we live in. As an example, I mentioned this in an editorial a couple of issues back; there are roughly 3,000 “licensed” Jr. Dragster drivers. However, there are over one-million kids registered in Little League Baseball. So we’re really a small group.

But once again, thank you for subscribing.

I passed on attending the Las Vegas national event. With my back problems, I probably wouldn’t have been able to walk much anyway, but I was an interested spectator keeping track of what was happening in the championship. When the Countdown to the Championship was instituted years ago, there were some complaints as to it. But I gotta say that it has increased the excitement in the pro categories going into the last couple of events.

This past weekend’s results sort of shook up the Top Fuel, Funny Car and even Pro Stock standings a little. Going into the last race next week in Pomona, there are probably three and maybe even four who could shoot to the top. All it’s going to take is a hiccup by those ahead in the points. Most times that doesn’t happen, but it has and it can.

As for the sportsman, these last three weeks of the season become pretty crucial as well. Some of the titles are already locked up, congrats to those champs; Megan Meyer, Sean Bellemeur, Frankie Aragona, Danny Nelson, and I think just Allison Doll. I believe the others are up in the air as there are some which might also go down to the last race of the year.

Providing my back feels better, I’ll be there. Will you? -JOHN DiBARTOLOMEO