With all due respect to the Beatles and their 1965 famous song, I didn’t start this out thinking of asking for your help, but the dog days of summer are upon us and while I still attend a number of events, there isn’t a lot of travel for me the next couple of weeks. Strange as it may seem, my traveling gets hectic in the early spring and fall. Right around the Fourth of July, things slow down a little travel wise but kick back into high gear when we get to Indy and the U.S. Nationals on Labor Day weekend.

Indy just seems like a marathon every year. If we thought that some of the other events, both national and divisional, were too long and drawn out, Indy is the worst. It’s a week-long affair and usually hot and humid. Yeah, there have been years where it is cold and wet which seems to make the week even longer, but for the most part, hot, humid and a week in Indianapolis is a grind. But it is Indy. And anyone who is anyone in our sport is there. It’s our speed week and it should always remain that way.

That being said… I like what I do. I think I alluded to that in a recent Deep Staging editorial in our print edition ( It’s especially gratifying and really humbling when I get stopped at events and people tell me how great a job we’re doing in promoting the backbone of our sport and what we write about. It really makes the long hours and the extended travel that much easier. Sometimes I’m not even sure what to say other than THANK YOU for the compliments. And we want to continue doing the same as we’ve done, but… As with anything you enjoy, without the support of you, it might not be there some day. This is where you, our supporters come into play..

Publishing a printed edition of a magazine is a tough project today. I understand the lure of the internet as well as anyone. It’s a lot easier to simply “click” on a story and pull it up on a computer screen; or even a smartphone or tablet today; than it is to thumb through a magazine or even wait for it to come in the mail. However, I really do believe that most people would prefer to sit down in their favorite place (you can read through that and decide “where” that might be) with a piece of paper in their hands.

The stories we publish in Drag Racing Edge are not exactly time-sensitive. That’s what we have our website for. Therefore, relaxing in your “favorite place” and reading an extended story about a certain racer or tech story is… relaxing and obviously informative. And while a story posted online will be there now, but a printed version is more of a keepsake than anything else.

I get a bunch of magazines in the mail; so many sometimes that I don’t get the chance to read through each one. After all, there’s only so long you can sit in your “favorite place” reading. I can tell you that the first place I visit after going through TSA Checkpoints at an airport are the various magazine racks to pick out an issue for a plane ride. I like reading. I have learned a lot of what I still use today because of what I read. I think I’ve covered a lot of that in editorials, stories and blogs I’ve written over the years, but it’s still true now.

We have a good amount of people who obviously like what we print and have taken the time to subscribe. But like anything else, there’s always the need for more. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to do so. You can send in a check or pay cash when you see me at the races, even pick up the phone and call us. But if you’re reading this online, you can just simply click on and with some simple key strokes you can expect a government employee to hand deliver an issue of Drag Racing Edge right to your door every other month. With all due respect to government employees, try getting one to do something for you personally can be near-impossible. So take advantage of that when you can.

With that being said… I’m going back to doing what I love. -John DiBartolomeo