…The U.S. Nationals specifically. No it didn’t go very well for me. I had decided to run our Super Stocker for a number of reasons. But I also felt it important to be there in order to see first-hand just what a “new normal” NHRA national event looked like. You can read more about it in the next print issue of Drag Racing Edge magazine due out around the end of October.

Suffice it to say though this was not your father’s U.S. Nationals. Probably the best analogy I heard was from fellow photographer Geoff Stunkard when he said, “This was the U.S. Nationals with one flat tire.”

At the last Indy event, some of the hoopla centered around the Trump/Pence signage on the side of Bo Butner’s Pro Mod entry. All of which may have forced NHRA to reiterate their ruling on advertising signage. That may have backfired slightly with the increase in Trump/Pence and “Racers For Freedom” signs, decals, T-shirts and flags. It may have also had something to do with Donald Trump’s son Eric making an appearance at the track. I don’t know whether this is a Republican/Democrat thing rather than just racers fed up with the status quo government intervention we have today.

As for my Super Stock experience… yeah, that didn’t go well. On the last qualifying shot, the engine decided to lose oil pressure with the probable explanation pointing to a spun bearing or the like.

As much as I feel the importance of the U.S. Nationals, I was really looking forward to racing this weekend at Numidia Dragway close to home at the ClassRacer Nationals. Two days of Super Stock/Stock racing paying $5,000 each day to the winner. I don’t know what this event will hold but often times I hear about the lack of places to race NHRA class cars even though there are dozens of circuit races and the like around the country. Here now is an independent event with a reasonable entry fee paying very good money to win.

This weekend also marks the same type of event at Maple Grove Raceway for the .90 Nationals & Top Dragster/Sportsman Shootout. The weekend was supposed to be reserved for the Maple Grove NHRA national event which was canceled due to… what else… that stupid pandemic. Both Ken Miele of and Rob Keister stepped up to produce these events as an alternative, giving racers in those classes a place to only just race but also let’s face it, for better pay days than you’d ever get racing the NHRA tour. Keister’s event is held at the same track which would have hosted the national event, while the ClassRacer Nationals is conveniently located at Numidia Dragway only a little more than an hour north of Maple Grove. I hope both events are packed and I urge you to support these type races and the like which are happening all over the country.

We really don’t know what the 2021 NHRA season is going to look like. Heck, we don’t even know what the balance of this season will be. Yes, NHRA announced their remaining events for this year, but as I mentioned several blogs ago, we really might have to wait for the night before we leave to make a call and see if an event will take place. The uncertainty of this year has been enormous, some of which I believe has been self-imposed, which may lead to a whole other blog…

As for the masks, I’m not sure what other type masks are out there but I know that mine is useless against nitro fumes and tire smoke so I’m unsure it would be of any defense against the COVID virus. I checked with others wearing other type masks and received the same comments.

This week also marks an anniversary of sorts for me in that this is my 100th blog. Just about like anything else in my life, I wasn’t sure where it all was going to go when I started, but I’m so blessed to be surrounded by so many great people starting with my wife, son and daughter. They push me sometimes out of my comfort zone and I may balk and bitch but in the end, I’m happy they do… sometimes.

And I’m pretty humbled every time someone comes up to me to say they enjoy what I write. I’ve been asked to start a podcast, which have become so popular today. Yeah maybe that’ll be someday… but as one noted race announcer once told me that in his case, he had a face made for radio. So maybe I just have a voice meant for the written word. I may not always be politically correct, but I feel as though we shouldn’t tip-toe around certain issues. Be respectful, but tell it like it is.

Anyway, thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. And if you’re a subscriber of the print edition of Drag Racing Edge, thank you. If you’re not… I think you’ll like what we print. Please subscribe. That’s sort of my day job, besides other things, but I do feel the printed word is important in this day and age.