The Sportsman Drag Racing Podcast with Luke & Jed, is a new, fresh and incredibly popular podcast dedicated to sportsman racing and racers. Hosts, multi-time NHRA World Champion Luke Bogacki, and renowned announcer, race promoter, and driver Jared Pennington released a new episode on Wednesday, January 3rd.

The boys are back! After a week off for the holidays, Luke and Jed return – and they bring the goods this week in an episode sure to get everyone talking. In this episode, the guys rank the top 25 top bulb bracket racers in the world! Who’s number 1? Who missed the cut? Find out in an episode dedicated almost exclusively to poll banter. In addition, the guys touch on a
handful of events that have been released in recent weeks, and close the show with the popular #RacingAnswers segment.

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