Stud Installer by ARP

World-renown fastener manufacturer ARP has developed an innovative and time-saving new tool to aid engine builders installing or removing head, main and accessory studs. ARP’s new Stud Installer uses a series of T-handle hex keys in concert with the special 3/8″ drive T-handle to quickly position and snug the studs prior to final torqueing. Conversely, it can be used to loosen and remove most any hex-broached stud. Faster cylinder head installations can be accomplished by inserting two studs by hand to serve as a “pilot” for the head, and then employ ARP’s new tool to quickly install the remaining studs and snug the nuts. All ARP head studs, and many accessory studs, come hex-broached from the factory. For More info, contact ARP, 800.826.3045,