Strange Ultra Case

Strange Engineering, the leader in driveline and suspension for over 50 years, is proud to offer fully assembled Ultra Case assemblies with 10” ring gears.

The Ultra case third members will bolt-in to most aftermarket 9” Ford style housings and are designed to handle the most demanding of applications. The unique pinion support is specially designed to fit the 10” pinion and offers superior strength and rigidity to the overall assembly.

Other options include Chrome Moly u-joint straps, 1350 & 1480 pinion yokes, magnetic sensor collars, load bolts, and more.

Please contact one of Strange’s highly trained technical staff to discuss your application.

Gear ratios available include 3.89, 4.11, 4.29, 4.57, 4.71, 5.00, 5.14, 5.43, 5.67, 5.83 & 6.20.

Remember… Don’t just race, RaceStrange.
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