Stay Frosty Coolant by VP RACING FUELS

VP Racing Fuels, a leader in race fuel technology for over 45 years, has recently launched a line of coolant products based on technology that has been used in the highest forms of racing around the world and can lower cylinder head temps over 100 degrees F. Stay Frosty™ Ready Race is the only 100% water-based, glycol-free, ASTM D-3306 spec, fully-formulated engine coolant on the market today. It contains a proprietary blend of wetting agents that improve heat transfer away from engine components, protects and lubricates water pumps, and prevents corrosion and electrolysis of sensitive cooling system metals such as aluminum and alloys. Because it is pre-mixed, there is nothing to measure and it contains stable, reverse-osmosis water. For more info, contact VP Racing Fuels, 210.635.7744,