New Products

TB Zinc Plus by LUCAS OIL

With an exclusive blend of extreme pressure additives, Lucas Oil’s TB Zinc Plus specifically formulated with ZDDP and is excellent for flat tappet camshafts during critical break-in periods as an… read more

Welding Table by JEGS

Lightweight and durable with a 350 lb. load capacity; JEGS Adjustable Welding Table makes it easy to get comfortable while welding. Constructed with rust-resistant zinc-plated steel, the tabletop can… read more

Interior Battery Disconnect Lever Kit by Lokar

Lokar Motorsports’ Interior Battery Disconnect Lever Kit is the safest and quickest way to shut off all electrical power right from the driver’s seat. The red anodized billet aluminum hand lever is… read more

PB Penetrating Lithium Grease by Blaster

The Original PB Penetrating Lithium Grease combines the Original PB B’laster with a high-quality lithium grease. Its unique time-release formulation allows PB B’laster to wick its way into rusted or… read more

LS1/LS3 Conical Valve Spring Kits by Comp Cams

The latest valve spring kit from COMP Cams® allows users to easily install revolutionary Conical Valve Springs on any high performance GM LS1/LS3 engine. In the tradition of its successful Beehive™… read more

Elite Digital Two Channel Gauges by AutoMeter

AutoMeter is proud to introduce their new Elite Digital Two Channel Gauges. The Elite Digital gauges provide options to help optimize your instrumentation without compromising on the critical… read more

9-Inch Ford Housing With Bracing by S&W Race Cars

The most popularly used rear end housing today is the Ford-style 9-inch. The strength of its center section makes it a must-have in almost all race car applications. S&W Race Cars is proud to… read more

Transmission Work Station by JEGS

JEGS Transmission Work Station simplifies the process of working with transmissions, hydraulic systems and small engines. The ideal size for your garage, this compact work bench is spacious enough to… read more

Metal Polish by Lucas Oil Products

Lucas Oil Products’ Metal Polish cleans, polishes and protects aluminum and other metals including chrome, magnesium, stainless steel, silver, brass and gold. It gives a deep shine maximum luster… read more

Hyper-Flow Valve by Nitrous Supply

In its quest to improve the performance, reliability and safety of nitrous systems, Nitrous Supply—the firm founded by N2O pioneer Mike Thermos—has developed an improved bottle valve that can replace… read more

Holley EFI Pro Dashes by Holley / MSD

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of Holley EFI Pro Dashes, which feature a huge 12.3-inch viewing area and a full-color low-glare/high-brightness/high-contrast capacitive touchscreen for… read more

AN Flare Filters by JEGS

Eliminating debris from entering your valuable engine before it causes costly damage just became easier with the introduction of JEGS’ AN Flare Filters. Available in four sizes to fit -6, -8, -10 and… read more

Billet Pinion Yokes by Strange Engineering

The all-new 9-inch Ford Billet Pinion Yokes from Strange Engineering are constructed from 4340 Chromoly. The billet yokes provide exceptional strength to weight ratio when compared to other pinion… read more

LS Engine Cradle by DRC Race Products

With the popularity of the Chevrolet LS-based engines, DRC Race Products is proud to announce the availability of a high-quality Engine Cradle to fit that engine structure. Used by many, the Cradles… read more

Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rocker Systems™ by Comp Cams

COMP Cams® introduces another industry first with their Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rocker Systems™, a bolt-in, patent-pending, bushed shaft rocker system for GM LS applications that increases system… read more

Outlaw-X™ Shifter by TCI

TCI® has taken its most popular shifter and incorporated a slimmer design and new internals to create the Outlaw-X™ Shifter. The shifter is the most compact that TCI® offers for street and race use… read more

Sportsman Nitrous Pump by Nitrous Supply

Pro Mod racers and other competitors who are high volume users of nitrous oxide can benefit from the new Sportsman Nitrous Pump available from Nitrous Supply. The handy refill station is designed for… read more

Trailer And RV Wash By JEGS

Professional cleaning companies use harsh chemicals and abrasive materials that may damage or scratch your vehicle. JEGS’ Trailer and RV Wash is American Made and a powerful, safe and effective way… read more

Red 'N’ Tacky Spray Grease From Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil Products, Inc., announced the introduction of a brand-new offering in its product line, Red 'N’ Tacky Spray Grease. The spray grease is a high-quality grease in a convenient aerosol… read more

Hardline Brake Tees By Earl's

Earl's Hardline Brake Tees are a fast, easy way to add a pressure-activated brake light switch to almost any vehicle. Made of solid brass and designed for use with 3/16-inch hardline, they feature… read more