New Products

JEGS Electric Water Pump for Small Block Ford

JEGS Electric Water Pump for Small Block Ford Fits 1964 thru 1993 … 50 GPM Black Anodized … CNC-machined from billet aluminum, this pump has a unique design that outflows any other in its price… read more

JEGS 36” Metal Brake with Stand

Make smooth precise bends in sheet metal up to 36 in. wide with JEGS Bending Brake. The adjustable press plate lets you make sharp or round bends up to 120° in metal up to 22 gauge. This durable… read more

JEGS 20 Ton Bottle Jack with Air Assist

JEGS 20-Ton Air/Hydraulic Bottle Jack is designed to operate manually or pneumatically. Use with a 100–120 PSI rated air pressure supply to get fast, strong lifting power; or operate it manually just… read more

Moroso Ultra 40 Universal Wire Sets

The most powerful wire for any race application! • Same construction as the ignition wires that we build for the highest levels of racing, from dual mag. Top Fuel Cars thru NASCAR Cup Series. &bull… read more

Moroso Dragster Car Wet Sump Oil Pan

Moroso introduces AJPE TFX 96, TFX2000 & TFX 2002 DRAGSTER CAR WET SUMP OIL PAN, PART # 20055 that features “L” shaped billet aluminum, o-ringed oil pan rail for strength on the track and in the pits… read more

JEGS Welding Cart

JEGS Welding Cart is the perfect tool to store and haul your plasma cutter, welders, and welding accessories around your garage or shop. Features: •Angled top shelf for easy access to welder controls… read more

JEGS Adjustable Grip Jaw Wrench

JEGS Adjustable Grip Jaw Wrench features a spring loaded jaw that allows the wrench to ratchet, turning pipes / nuts and bolts more quickly even in confined spaces.  Wrench adjusts to pipe and nut… read more

JEGS Hex Key and Torx Driver Sets

Fit and drive bolts and screws with JEGS Hex key and Torx driver sets. These wrench sets are manufactured for automotive precision. Whether you're working on your car or household tasks, these sets… read more

JEGS Pancake Air Compressor 6 Gallon 1.5 HP

JEGS oil-free Pancake Air Compressor is great for powering air tools, general shop clean-up, airing tires and inflating sports equipment. This 6 gallon compressor has a pancake style tank, electrical… read more

JEGS Bore Brush Set

JEGS Bore Brush Set includes steel, brass, and nylon brushes. The twisted wire bore brushes are durable and abrasive; marvelous for cleaning tubes, ports, bearings, and other general wire brush… read more

JEGS Truck Wheel Step 500 lb Capacity

Make accessing your truck easier without compromising safety. JEGS Truck Wheel Step is constructed from heavy-duty steel, built to last, and designed for function. Completely adjustable to fit over… read more

JEGS Bone Style Creeper - Made in the USA!

JEGS Bone Creeper is an American made product featuring a body that cradles the user between the wheels only 1.75” above the ground. A rib-reinforced body is molded of a engineering grade co-polymer… read more

JEGS Junior Dragster Cam Lock and Latch Link Belts

JEGS Jr. Dragster Ultra Series Harnesses will keep your little racer strapped in snug and safe. Assembled with premium polyester and high quality steel, then double sewn with the highest quality… read more

DRC Spark Plug Indexing Tool

DRC Race Products is proud to announce the availability of their Spark Plug Indexing Tool. For those looking to assure adequate spark plug clearance, indexing the plugs in an engine is a must. read more

JEGS Oil Pump for LS1/LS3/LS6 High Volume Standard Pressure

A quality replacement for stock LS series engines JEGS LS Oil Pumps have a CNC-machined body and cover; and hardened steel gears. The drive and idler shafts have been extended into the cover to… read more

JEGS 40 Gallon Parts Washer

A spacious tool for cleaning parts! Easy to maintain and versatile for the professional and the do-it-yourselfers. Features: •Solvent Capacity: 24 Gallons … •115V/60Hz … •44.5" L x 21.75" W x 35" H …… read more

JEGS Stainless X Pipe Crossovers

Increase power and torque; reduce backpressure and sound levels, better exhaust gas scavenging and balance between cylinder banks all with JEGS X-Pipe Crossovers. The gentler radius will open up your… read more

JEGS Stainless Steel LS Bolt Kits

JEGS Stainless Steel LS Bolt Kits come complete with washers for a pleasing appearance to any assembly. Stainless steel does not readily corrode, rust or stain as ordinary steel does making these… read more

JEGS 9” Ford Truck Rear Disc Conversion kit

JEGS 9" Ford Rear Disc Conversion Kits combine some of the best features available to make your selection and installation easy. Our kits include all of the brackets and flanges for the Small Ford… read more

JEGS 12V Chrome Electric Fuel Pump 110 gph / 416 lph

To suit most every need, JEGS Street/Performance/Race Fuel Pumps use a rotary vane design for proven reliability, consistency, and longevity. Features: • •Ports machined for 3/8" NPT fittings … •… read more