Marine Pyrometers and GPS Speedometers

PRESS RELEASE: Sycamore, IL - 3-8-18

AutoMeter is proud to introduce our Marine Series Pyrometers and GPS Speedometers. This latest addition to our Marine Series gives you the option to monitor critical exhaust temps while having an accurate speedometer that is easy to install. Each gauge features a sealed bezel for added water resistance, UV protected painted pointer for added protection against sun damage. The AutoMeter Marine Pyrometers feature a type-k thermocouple and an extension module which allows you to extend the harness up to 75 feet. Our Marine GPS Speedometers are easy-to-use and require no calibration. The rally-nav display features time/date, hourmeter, cumulative distance (odometer), trip distance (tripmeter), GPS coordinates with heading info, compass and peak speed recall. For more information visit us here.

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