JEGS High and Medium Volume Junior Dragster Fuel Pumps

JEGS Jr Dragster Fuel Pumps are a premium choice when you have to replace a fuel pump or if you are looking to upgrade your OEM pump.

Two different styles are offered to suit your specific application. The high volume style is round with 1 inlet and 2 outlets. Flows at a rate of 35 lph (9.1 gph). It will replace any remote-mounted external pump that uses a vacuum impulse from the crankcase. The rectangular medium volume pump has 1 inlet and 1 outlet with a 14 lph (3.6 gph) pumping capacity.

High Volume:•Single Inlet/ Dual Outlets•Pumps 35 liters per hour•Round

Medium Volume: •Single Inlet/Outlet•Pumps 14 liters per hour•Rectangular

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