Gen III HEMI Flexplate

The new Gen III HEMI Flexplate from TCI® is SFI 29.1 certified, making it the perfect upgrade for your high horsepower street or competition drag car. The new flexplate from TCI® offers heavy-duty strength for high-RPM Dodge Gen III HEMI applications. The high-strength design is 50-percent thicker than the stock flexplate, ensuring it can handle all the horsepower and torque your Gen III HEMI can produce. Made from chromoly steel, it also features a double welded ring gear for added strength and rigidity while E-coating offers corrosion protection for durability. Each flexplate is precision balanced for smooth operation at high RPM, and careful manufacturing and strict quality control eliminate excessive runout, ensuring vibration free operation and consistent starter gear engagement. For more info, contact TCI Automotive, 888.776.9824,