BRODIX® Introduces the BP HH F 302 – HEAD HUNTER™ F SERIES 15°

With the development of the BP HH F 302, BRODIX® breaks new ground by introducing the Head Hunter™ Series to the Ford world.

This 100% CNC ported head offers an all new, shallow 15° valve angle. Featuring a newly designed 302 cc intake port that flows in excess of 412 cfm, a reshaped exhaust port that flows over 247 cfm, an ultra-efficient 60 cc combustion chamber, and a 2.180/1.600 valve combination, this head is available in many stages from bare to assembled packages. All of these features combine to make the BP HH F 302 head the leader in its class!

For more information: Phone (479) 394-1075 / Fax (479) 394-1996Brodix, Inc., 301 Maple Ave., P.O. Box 1347, Mena, AR 71953