Aluminum Exhaust Crush Gaskets

Are you tired of replacing header gaskets? JEGS Aluminum Exhaust Gaskets are engineered to be fully leak-proof. The layered design completely conforms to any surface imperfections for a tight, superior seal. Virtually blowout and burnout-proof making them ideal for race, street, tow vehicles and motor homes. These easy-to-remove 2-piece sets are completely reusable, and will not shrink or deteriorate.


  • Reusable

  • Create a Tight Leak Proof Seal

  • Conforms Precisely to Surface Imperfections like Warped Flanges

  • Compresses down to 0.60"

  • Will Not Shrink, Deteriorate, Blow-Out or Burn-Out

  • Easy to Remove

  • Ideal for Race, Street & Towing

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