16x18" Pro Drag Wheel By Weld Racing

With the explosion in popularity of No Prep-style drag racing, racers all across the country clamored for the best set up to get them down tricky racetracks. Those racers turned to the experts at WELD Racing to develop the next weapon in their arsenal – the 16x18 Pro Drag Wheel. Using our Top Fuel Alumastar Pro or Magnum Pro center, these giant wheels will squeeze out an extra two inches of width to create even more contact patch in the toughest race conditions. 15.3 SFI certified for high horsepower applications, the WELD Racing 16x18 drag wheels offer the same lightweight, durable forged aluminum construction you expect from the winningest wheels in drag racing. For more info, contact WELD Racing, 800.788.9353, www.weldwheels.com.