New Products

High Zinc Break-In Oil

The initial start-up of a new engine is critical to its performance and life expectancy. How well and how fast the rings will seal could make the difference between winning and losing. Lucas’ High… read more

BlueDEF Platinum

Old World Industries, LLC, the manufacturer of BlueDEF®, America’s #1 DEF brand, has announced the launch of BlueDEF PLATINUM™ with a breakthrough innovation in diesel exhaust fluid. Since the… read more

Ford Super Damper

ATI Performance Products, Inc. is proud to introduce its new NHRA Factory Stock Shootout five-percent OD Ford Super Damper. These 10-rib aluminum shell dampers come with supercharger pulley drive… read more

GM LT Ignition Wire Set

Moroso introduces a GM LT Ignition Wire Set for applications that have Moroso LT Billet Aluminum Valve Covers with Moroso Coil Mount Brackets. Wire Sets are constructed out of Moroso ULTRA 40, 7 mm… read more

Supercharger Tank

Moroso introduces a Camaro COPO '12-Up, Camaro '10-Up being converted to COPO spec. aluminum Supercharger Tank. Bolt-in replacement for the plastic tank that comes in earlier Supercharged COPO… read more

Decker Machine Twin Barrel

Those weird-looking venturi on the Decker Machine Twin Barrel carburetors available from Summit Racing are all about airflow. Instead of four separate venturi like a regular 4150-style four-barrel… read more

TKX Transmission

TREMEC releases their new compact 5-speed transmission called the TKX. As the drivetrain market’s one-stop-shop, McLeod Racing has a complete line up of clutches, flywheels, crossmembers, and… read more

XD™ Bushed Solid Roller Lifter

COMP Cams® Race XD™ Bushed Solid Roller Lifter sets feature a lightweight modular design with interchangeable pushrod seats. Lifter sets come standard with centered seats but can be swapped for… read more

Gen III HEMI Flexplate

The new Gen III HEMI Flexplate from TCI® is SFI 29.1 certified, making it the perfect upgrade for your high horsepower street or competition drag car. The new flexplate from TCI® offers heavy-duty… read more

Dual Nitrous Bottle Mount Bracket

Constructed from billet aluminum with a rubber liner, JEGS Nitrous Bottle Mounts are made to secure your nitrous bottles so they will never move. Single and double bottle brackets are available… read more

Transmission Jacks

Make your next transmission removal or installation a lot easier with JEGS high-capacity Transmission Jack. JEGS Low-Profile Transmission Jacks have all the strength and durability you want in a… read more

R&P Gear Sets

Strange Engineering is proud to offer the full line of 9 ½” & 10” ring and pinion gear sets from U.S. Gear and Motive. Based on the popular 9” Ford design, these gears are capable of handling the… read more

Dual Brake Kits

Dual rear brake kits have been become a familiar sight in the pits. Turbo powered door slammers can benefit from the extra clamping force as they spool up the turbos on the starting line, while… read more

LS Motor Plates

The S&W Performance Group has introduced two direct fit aluminum motor plates, designed to fit General Motors LS Series engines. The new LS motor plates, as well as S&W’s complete line of direct fit… read more

Stud Installer by ARP

World-renown fastener manufacturer ARP has developed an innovative and time-saving new tool to aid engine builders installing or removing head, main and accessory studs. ARP’s new Stud Installer uses… read more


TCI® introduces two starters for LS engines, designed to provide reliable starting performance for even the highest compression performance and race LS engines. For any high performance application… read more

LS Roller Race Timing Set by COMP CAMS®

COMP Cams® Hi-Tech™ Roller Race Timing Sets for GM LS Applications allow engine builders to tailor engine performance to their specific needs with a nine-keyway crank sprocket offering eight-degrees… read more

Converter Blow Off Kit by FTI PERFORMANCE

FTI Performance continues to provide in house products that are built by racers for the racers. The Converter Charge Pressure Blow Off kit is just the next step in achieving greater success in the… read more

Stay Frosty Coolant by VP RACING FUELS

VP Racing Fuels, a leader in race fuel technology for over 45 years, has recently launched a line of coolant products based on technology that has been used in the highest forms of racing around the… read more

Electric Fuel Transfer Pump by MR. GASKET

Mr. Gasket is pleased to announce the release of a new electric fuel transfer pump for 15-55 gallon drums. The perfect solution for racers using 15-55 gallon drums for storing fuel. This electric… read more