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john dibartolomeoWhat you hold in your hand marks the one year anniversary of Drag Racing Edge. It’s the culmination and support of a lot of people, the least of which is you the reader. It’s always been my contention that most racers, and I’ve used this crude analogy before, would love to just sit on their “throne” with a piece of paper in their hands. Of course with today’s technology, you could bring a tablet or your smartphone into the “office,” but it’s just not the same.

richard bradyI have been asked countless times in my career, which cars do I like and why? It's a very hard question for me to answer. I'm a guy who has been very lucky in that I have spent pretty much my whole life in a sport that has many favorites to choose from.

john dibartolomeoCall it drag racing’s own Groundhog Day. You know the movie. Ironically it was a weatherman played by Bill Murray who finds himself in a time loop, waking up each day to find himself repeating the same day over and over again.

richard bradyEver since my introduction to Drag Racing, it was apparent to me, there was a breed of vehicle that unlike a regular drag race car, were unique, sometimes odd, sometimes weird, but in most cases they were mechanical marvels.

john dibartolomeoNo, the sky is not falling. Drag racing is not dead and this magazine is not going out of business. I must be getting older. (Although I’ll never admit it and I’ll deny I even wrote this if I have to.) Meaner. Nastier. You name it. More jaded. Yeah, maybe all of the above.

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