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john dibartolomeoEven though elapsed times have plummeted over the years, it’s taking longer to run events than ever before. And it seems like drag racing is the only one not concerned.

richard bradyIt's interesting to me that I start out with a main subject for this column each issue but the road takes a turn after picking up a few old photos. My mind seems to wander as each of which have a story to tell. These b&w shots from the Gatornationals did exactly that for me this issue.

john dibartolomeoAre you kidding me? Is bracket racing broke? I don’t think so. But it sure has changed over the years.

richard bradyIt seems so long ago when Pro Stock was fun to watch. There were snorkel hood scoops, and just about every major brand of car in all the popular body styles running at tracks across the country. Chevys, Fords, Plymouth and Dodge; heck there were even AMC Pro Stock cars.

john dibartolomeoWhat you hold in your hand marks the one year anniversary of Drag Racing Edge. It’s the culmination and support of a lot of people, the least of which is you the reader. It’s always been my contention that most racers, and I’ve used this crude analogy before, would love to just sit on their “throne” with a piece of paper in their hands. Of course with today’s technology, you could bring a tablet or your smartphone into the “office,” but it’s just not the same.

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