This Week's Two-Cents

Spent some time both at the PRI Trade Show and on the phone yesterday with European Pro Stock racer Michael Malmgren. In the March print issue of Drag Racing Edge we’ll have a story comparing Pro Stock “over there” with what we have here in the US. Maybe not surprisingly, there are little differences except those guys chose to keep their carburetors and hood scoops.

What is surprising though is the amount of travel they do. We think travel in this country is tough, imagine going from country to country. They race only six events a year but with most of the teams based in Sweden, the biggest travel headache has to be going to England twice a year to race there. It’s probably not much different than us going from the east coast to the west, less miles but it involves travel by boat. And they do that twice a year, once in the spring and then again in the fall. Just sounds expensive.

They also have much of the same issues we have here in that the car culture is going away. They too have second and third generation racers coming into the sport but very little first gens. It appears as if travel over there is not really a problem except for maybe driving on the “wrong” side of the road when they’re in England.

Malmgren gave me a disc with lots of photos on it from his races and what was interesting was the amount of people in the stands when the Pro Stock cars ran. You just don’t see that here. After the fuel cars run, you might have thought someone yelled “FIRE!” as the stands empty out.

Always is a quiet time the couple of weeks before Christmas and then until New Years. Not a lot of action taking place. There might be some rumors floating of the tool boxes of crews moving around from team to team, but not much is set in stone at least until the first couple of weeks of the New Year. While in Indianapolis at the PRI Trade Show, I visited a couple of the shops in Brownsburg and things also appeared quiet there. There was a lot of cleaning up and straightening things up much like any other racer would be doing at this time of year.

I was a little taken back by the departure of the PDRA Race Director Bob Harris this past week. I’ve known him for a long time having raced against him decades ago and him and I talked at the PRI Show for a couple of minutes. I guess he just wants to sit back and relax a little with his family.

Glad to see Warren Evans and his D3TV expanding with their FREE coverage of some of the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series events and some specialty races. I always wondered why it was that you had to pay for All-Access at NHRA national events when guys like Evans and the Walters of MotorManiaTV were able to offer free coverage. Obviously, they were able to find sponsors for their programs in order to subsidize them, so why is it we have to pay for All-Access? You used to be able to watch it free or at least listen to the podcast. So why do we have to pay when others can do it for free? Maybe somebody can explain that for me. In the meantime, check out

That’s it for this week and I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. I’ll skip next week’s blog as it’ll be a fairly dead week. It’s always tough to try and get any work done during the holidays anyway. Have a Merry and a Happy New Year.