The Weekly Blog - 11-21

Another week and another $.02 worth of my opinions. And now we have another team dropping out of the Pro Stock class. Vincent Nobile announced that the Mitsos family-owned Mountain View Tire team will not be competing in PS in 2019. That leaves us short four teams (Nobile, Butner, Gray and Skillman… did I miss anybody?) which were all contenders this past year. Granted, Butner and Skillman said they’d run on a limited basis but can this class survive? They’ve been cut to only 18 races next year and their purse was cut in 2018. Unclear how guys can continue to race like that.

I think I’ve talked about this before but with this past weekend’s crowning of the NASCAR champion in Joey Logano I was curious to watch the entire post-race show. In 2011 when Tony Stewart won the series championship, they paraded him around with a $5,000,000 (five million) big check. The week before in Pomona, the NHRA paraded their Top Fuel and Funny Car champ around with a $500,000 (five hundred thousand) check. Now I know we don’t all do it for the money (pros included), but I noticed there was no provision of mentioning how much money was awarded Logano for his championship. Maybe it’s time we stop parading our champs around with a big check? What are your thoughts?

We lost a racer last week to an on-track accident. Jet car driver Katarina “Kat” Moller was killed in a tragic accident Thursday evening at Sebring International Raceway in Central Florida. As of right now, rumor has it she had drifted out of her lane and hit a timing block or something which ended up in the driver’s compartment. Nobody likes to hear things like that and it sounds like a freak accident but prayers go out to her family.

Still got a couple of big bracket races scheduled up in the next couple of weeks, but read my column in the next printed issue of Drag Racing Edge regarding finding who won what? It’ll be out in late December.

Once the racing stops, it’ll be on to Practice Tree Race season. They’ll be a number of them popping up across the country to keep you sharp, hanging out with friends and having fun in the off-season.

It’s going to get a little weak in the next month or so when it comes to drag racing news. Oh sure, we’ll have the rumors of who’s building what and which crew chiefs and crew are moving their toolboxes to other teams, but for the most part it’s all pure conjecture until the tracks reopen next February or so. And I really don’t subscribe to rumors. I guess I have better things to do… like put a magazine together. Yeah, that’s it.