FuelTech- SFG Season Kickoff by FTI Performance Offered Florida Beaches, Big Money

SFG Promotions is off to a successful start to their 2021 lineup of big money bracket races after bringing the FuelTech- SFG Season Kickoff presented by FTI Performance at Bradenton Motorsports Park (BMP) to a close.
Each of the $125,000 worth of events came to a comfortable finish at around 8:30pm, making for the opportunity for racers to enjoy the Bradenton Beach experience and their racing family, which is a keen focus for SFG in 2021 and beyond. The next event SFG will hold will be the history making JEGS-SFG 500 presented by Right Trailers, April 12-18 at BMP once again.

During SFG’s Season Kickoff, the second female to win an SFG feature event was crowned when Marie Muller won Friday’s JEGS $25,000-to-win warm up race.

The young Michael Carpenter inked his name in the history books as well when he claimed double-up victories in both the Right Trailers $50,000-to-win race on Saturday and the Hansen Global $50,000-to-win race by .0001 seconds on Sunday.

Joshua Decker with JEGS Performance also came out victorious during Saturday nights $3,000-to-win Pit Vehicle race during his birthday.

"This was a great tune up for the JEGS-SFG 500 presented by Right Trailers,” says SFG Promotions’ CEO, Kyle Riley. “I wanted to bring my team out here again before the 500 to really gel with the track crew and experience excellent execution of a SFG race one more time in a limited entry environment.

"Both crews did an awesome job; this mission was definitely a success as we got each race done in record time. I’m excited to do it again and see everybody back in Bradenton for $500,000 next month.”

Friday JEGS $25,000 Warm Up Race Results
•    Andrew Reaves defeated Jeremy Bargo by posting a .014 light and running 4.673 on his 4.66 dial-in. Bargo was a tad behind on the tree with a .031 light and broke out with a 6.024 run on a 6.03 dial-in
•    Marie Muller defeated SFG hitter Gage Burch when she was .008 on the tree and ran 4.490 on her 4.48 dial-in. Burch was a stellar .001 on the tree but ended up behind running 6.360 on a 6.33 dial-in
Finals: When Reaves lit the tree -.005 red, the race was over, making Muller the second ever female to win a SFG feature race.

Saturday Right Trailers $50,000 Race Results:
•    Steve Taylor beat Brandon Taylor with .002 light, followed up by a dead-on 4.582 on a 4.58 dial putting together an extremely tough to beat .004 package. Brandon was a respectable .016 on the tree and broke-out by .003 on his 5.02 dial-in
•    Johnny Tolisano matched Bargo on the tree with a .021 light, but his dead-on 4.476 run on a 4.47 dial-in was enough to beat Bargo’s 6.049 run on a 6.03 dial-in
•    Gage Burch took the bye to roll into his second semi-final appearance of the weekend
•    Michael Carpenter was .010 on the tree and ran 4.813 on his 4.81 dial-in to prevail over Karley Holbrook who broke out by .004 on her 7.00 dial-in.

•    Carpenter was .010 on the tree and ran 4.819 on a 4.81 to his friend, Burch who was .018 and ran 6.353 on a 6.34
•    Taylor posted a .023 light and ran 4.582 on a 4.57 dial-in to defeat Tolisano’s .024 light and 4.486 run on a 4.47 dial-in
Finals: Carpenter stole a chunk at the starting line with a .002 light and paced Taylor to a 4.832 run on a 4.82 dial-in. Taylor was .024 on the tree and ended up behind with a 4.586 run a 4.57 dial-in

Sunday Hansen Global $50,000 Race Results
•    Carpenter overcame RJ Myers with a .011 light and 4.858 run on a 4.84 dial-in. Myers was .002 up front, but .032 above his 6.24 dial-in
•    George Ebel received a gift when Manual Soler left the starting line with a -.002 red light. Ebel was .373 on the tree
•    Billy Dunn also skated by to the semifinals when Mark Mullen went -.014 red on the tree against him
•    Tony Mazza was the last of the gift recipients in the quarterfinals when Anthony Dagostino lit the red light by .006, while Mazza was .106 on the tree.

•    Carpenter received a bit of favor in the semifinals when he left was a .048 light, but punched his way into the finals when Ebel was -.004 red
•    Dunn and Mazza left the starting line with two green lights. Dunn’s .015 light was significantly better though, which equated to a win light after a 4.693 run on a 4.68 dial-in. Mazza was .042 up front and broke-out with a 5.311 run on a 5.32 dial
Finals: The final round made for what might be the best race of the 2021 SFG season. Carpenter was .015 on the tree and ran 4.854, dead-on a 4.85 dial-in to defeat Dunn by .0001 seconds. Dunn was a tick better on the tree with a .011 light, but was on the high side of dead-on with a 4.678 lap on a 4.67 dial-in for the runner-up finish.