The stakes are up and the money is coming along with them in NHRA's Division 4. A welcome financial addition to the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series in the south central division.

It's a GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time to make plans for the Ultimate Sportsman Championship Chase!


$50,000.00 D4 Champion
$25,000.00 Runner Up
$15,000.00 3rd Place
$15,000.00 4th Place

$12,500.00 5th Place
$12,500.00 6th Place
$12,500.00 7th Place
$12,500.00 8th Place

$10,000.00 9th Place
$10,000.00 10th Place

Total to be paid to the D4 Competition Eliminator Competitors

To be paid out to the other D4 Sportsman Champions

Super Stock     $10,000.00
Stock Eliminator     $10,000.00
Top Dragster     $10,000.00
Top Sportsman     $10,000.00
Super Comp     $10,000.00
Super Gas     $10,000.00
Super Street     $10,000.00
Sportsman Motorcycle     $5,000.00

Rules / Conditions:
There are currently (6) D4 Events scheduled for 2021.
Competition Eliminator Racers will be required to run 5 of the 6.  If there's a 7th event added you'll need to run at least 6.   
This rule only applies to Comp Racers.

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