It’s a question as old as who’s better, “Yankees or Confederates?” Ok, so maybe not that old, but Kyle Seipel is going to answer the question, “Who’s the better driver, Pros or regular Joes?”

It’s the Pros Vs. Joes Practice Tree event.

The concept is simple. Seipel chose eight of possibly the best leavers in the Pro ranks who will face off with eight of possibly the best leavers in the sportsman, or regular Joe classes. Each will compete in a winner-take-all practice tree event to settle the score once and for all.

Of course, the eight Pros are certainly no slouches when it comes to hitting the ‘Tree. Jeg Coughlin Jr., Shawn Langdon… already you might see where this is going…, Erica Enders, Alex Laughlin, Antron Brown, JR Todd, Bo Butner and Ron Capps. As for the Joes, not sure you’d want to tangle with any of these guys on the starting line either, but Peter Biondo, Scotty Richardson, Jeff Verdi, Johnny Ezell, Cory Gulitti, Luke Bogacki, Gary Williams and John Labbous is a group of big time bracket racers who are aiming to show the Pros just who can cut better lights.

Each driver will be given five “shots” at the ‘Tree with the average reaction time determining the winner in true elimination-style; two go down and only one comes back. First round match-ups will be by a blind draw held live on Facebook ( with eliminations held on Saturday, March 28. The whole event be videoed and released in the following week.

“We’re all tired of sitting home without racing and this will be a great event to take our minds off the pandemic crisis we’re all suffering through,” says Seipel.

“While the event is closed to only those 16 drivers, we’ve found a way for everyone to get involved,” Seipel added. “We’ve set up a Go Fund Me page ( with a goal of raising $10,000. The proceeds will go directly to Team Racers For Christ. We have all been hit hard with what's going on in the world but they have especially with all of the canceled racing events this year to date.
If you donate $20 or more and you pick the overall winner of the Challenge you will go into a drawing (just make the pick in the comment section of the GoFundMe). The winner of the drawing will receive a really cool care package that will consist of items that the Pro drivers are donating for the cause.”

Get involved today!