Behind The Scenes At Lokar Performance Products

Necessity is always the mother of invention and such is the case of Lokar Performance Products.

Lokar CEO Skip Walls said, “I have always been involved in machinery and fabrication my whole life. I was fabricating a street rod for a customer and I needed a throttle return spring bracket for the car. I wanted one that would fit the overall build style of the car, one that looked like nothing I’d ever seen before. That was probably in the mid-‘80s and the company has just grown from there.”

For those not aware, Lokar is a leader in the fabrication of components for the street rod industry; shifters, pedals, dipstick tubes, etc. But their product line goes way beyond that which includes a number of products geared towards drag racing, products chosen from their own experiences on the quarter-mile.

In a 2009 interview, Walls said “Our commitment is to provide the best possible products and service. We pride ourselves in the availability, reliability and versatility of all our products. And that’s an ideal we’ll never compromise on.

“When we began our business in ’88, the goal was to simply build a better product. One that was simpler to install, more versatile and affordable all at the same time. It’s that same goal we strive for today.”

Walls’ youngest son Jeffrey began Jr Dragster racing at which point, Walls decided to try his hand at bracket racing. Just as the business snowballed, so did Walls’ racing endeavors. Before long, he found himself in the world of Super Comp, Super Gas and bracket racing. Today, Jeffrey is an integral part of the company showcasing a number of new products in this video of their drag racing line.