Million Dollar Friday presented by Maytag/Silverstate Refrigeration at the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries was upon us. By the end of today, there will have been one racer standing whose life may change when he’s added to the rolls of former Spring Fling Million Dollar race champions; Jeff Verdi, Luke Bogacki, Randall Reid and Peeps Pennington.

With a  progressive payout to the winner, the more cars entered in the race, the higher the winner’s share goes. Last year, Pennington took home to Texas $375,000. The event is typically held in Las Vegas, where rolling the dice for the big win is normal. Due to COVID restrictions, Fling officials had to move the event to the east coast and a facility, Bristol Dragway, which is first class in every aspect.

First up today was the Brodix Run for the $50,000. Each racer on the property “rolled the dice” and paid $50 for one time run. The racer who lays down a perfect run (.000 RT and dead-on the dial with a “0”) gets the 50Gs. If no one accomplishes the task, the first three best packages earn prizes from Brodix and the Fling. Should no one hit the big prize, Fling officials will roll the money over and pay $20,000 to the first perfect package during Million Dollar Friday eliminations.

After five years of running the Brodix Run for the $50,000, it’s hard to imagine how many racers have taken a shot at that perfect run. The odds were probably insurmountable, but after so many years of trying, one racer got it done today. Steve Witherow left the starting line with a perfect .000 RT and 660-feet later, he placed his name in the record books in addition to his checkbook for 50-large with a dead-on the dial with a “0”.

With the presentation of Witherow’s check, a prayer of faith from Racers For Christ’s Scott Trent and the playing of the National Anthem, round one began on Million Dollar Friday. Three hours after the first round commenced, a Spring Fling Million record of 349 entries cleared the finish line, taking the first step toward a big payday.

After the second round, there remained 131 racers left in competition. However, falling temperatures forced Fling officials to take account of track temps. “In the interest of safety along with the fact there is a lot of money at stake,” said Pete Biondo, co-promoter, “we would rather err on the side of caution and have decided to discontinue racing for the night.”

Racing will resume with the third round on Saturday morning. Temperatures are supposed to plummet into the high-30s overnight. Tentatively, Saturday morning will open with the Reaction Time Challenge followed by first round of FTI Saturday’s $30,000-to-win. That will be followed by the resumption of the Million Dollar Race to completion. Sunday’s rain/travel day will be used to complete FTI Saturday’s race.

All of the action continued to be live streamed thanks to Mickey Thompson Tires and JEGS on For complete results and information on the Fling brand of races, visit