Monroe Back To JEGS Super Quick Winning Ways

Cover photo of James Monroe, the JEGS Super Quick Division Champion in 2006 and 2008, preparing to make a pass down the famed Lucas Oil Raceway.

Story by Alex Owens & Photos by Jennifer Abbott

The JEGS Super Quick Series, NHRA’s fastest bracket racing series, rolled into Lucas Oil Raceway last weekend. What started out as a one-day race quickly turned into two when weather came in on Saturday afternoon.

After two qualifying sessions on Saturday Jay Oakley from Philpot, KY placed his dragster at the top of the sheet posting a 4.502 elapsed time at 148.59 mph on the 4.50 index. The top seven rounded out with Darren Douglass, Ashley Marie Bach, Ken Simpson, Scott Carman, James Shown and Tony Pranger all running 4.50X. Forty-two racers attempted to make the field with the number thirty-two bump being a 4.622.

Jay Oakley was the recipient of the Firecracker Performance $100 low qualifier money and a steakhouse gift card.


Christopher Mullins picked up the Spectra 1 and Legacy Fasteners Best Appearing Car award in Indy. The Lincoln, IL native has a striking red, white and black paint scheme on his 2018 American Dragster. Mullins fell victim to Monroe’s 0.023 package in the first round. Mullins was 0.031 at the start and had to make the decision to get behind at the stripe.

Christopher Mullins’ 2018 American Dragster was the Best Appearing Car at this event.


Another award winner was Tony Atchison Jr., who won the Spectra 1 and Legacy Fasteners Best Engineered Car honors. Atchison Jr. is one of three family members that race out of Greenville, IL. His 2016 George Atchison Race Cars built ride has a clean silver and black paint scheme with a dial-in board built into the body of the dragster. He just missed the tree in the first round by going -0.005 red, thus handing the round win to Josh Luedke.

Tony Atchison Jr.'s 2016 George Atchison Race Cars Dragster won the Best Engineered Car.


In the semis, James Monroe had the advantage on the tree over John Luedke. That’s all he needed to put a wheel out front and take the stripe by 0.014 turning on the win light and advance to the final. The other pair slated Ashley Marie Bach against Bob Nichols. Bach used up her lucky round in this pair turning on the win light after being 0.082 at the tree. Nichols missed the tree by -0.028 and ran just -0.003 from his dial-in.

Then the finals were set. Hometown guy Monroe would fight to keep the Wally in Indiana while Bach wanted to take it to Ohio. Knowing she had to get up on the wheel in the final, Back kicked it -0.003 handing the win to Monroe who had his worst light of the day at 0.022. At the end of the track Monroe tacked a dead on nine to the scoreboard to boot. This is Monroe’s eighth NHRA JEGS Super Quick Series win in his career.

James Monroe (far lane) over Ashley Marie Bach (near lane) in the JEGS Super Quick Final Round.


James Monroe’s team celebrates their win. This is Monroe's eighth JEGS Super Quick win.

Four weekends from now the series will make its next stop at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, KY from May 24th - 26th.