(09-10-20) Evansville, IN – The year of 2020 has been a year of “What can happen next?” The NHRA US Nationals stayed right in line with that question for JB Strassweg and Meyer Distributing Top Dragster during the JEGS All-Star Event. They carried over to a final round appearance on Sunday. The RV Dealer from Evansville, Indiana, gave the home state followers a reason to be excited.

“My 2nd time being an All-Star, and one of these times I am going to make it past the 2nd Round,” laughed JB Strassweg, driver of the Meyer Distributing Top Dragster. “The red bulb keeps coming on in my lane at the ridiculous times,” continued Strassweg, “It was not my day for the All-Stars, but we made it to the finals on Sunday.” 

Strassweg drives one of the quickest and fastest nitrous cars in the country, in a field of blowers and power adders that do not use “laughing gas.” The US Nationals was no different as Strassweg qualified in the number 11th position and marched through challenging weather and making fewer mistakes until the final round. 

“The Oakley Powerplant is making solid, consistent, dialable runs, and that makes the difference,” smiled Strassweg. “If I can keep from turning it red, things may start to change for me,” laughed Strassweg. “We were able to go to the finals at the US Nationals, I am an Indiana kid and have always treasured this facility and event. It was great to have a solid performance, and cannot wait for the next US Nationals. We will be ready!”

The Meyer Distributing Dragster carries its excellent brands and companies across High-Performance and the RV Markets. Representing Meyer Distributing for all the companies that they sell and stock every day is not something that Strassweg takes lightly.

“We love having Meyer as part of our program, the products and brands you can get at Meyer we use on our RV and our Race Car,” Strassweg continued. “Why would you not buy from Meyer?”

Strassweg will prepare for the final year-end push for the next two months. Follow along on Social Media and