Photos Phil Hutchison

We may never see another man or woman reach the plateau but when John Force crossed the finish line at the 32nd annual Magic Dry Absorbent NHRA Northwest Nationals, he set a mark that might never be broken. One hundred and fifty wins at national events over a storied career is quite impressive. Through the fires, crashes and crew chiefs, John Force has done something no other racer has ever done; and might not in the future.

“I give credit to a lot of crew chiefs over the years,” Force said. “I got the monkey off my back and it drove me nuts. But it taught me to focus on my car if I want to do (well). I had to get to know my car and sometimes you need a slap in the face. That was the monkey that made me focus. I’ve been living it here the last 4-5 races and we found something real critical. I may not be as young as these kids, but I’m excited. I can calm down now and not live with that thinking that I’ll never get it.”