As the tributes pour in after the announcement of the passing of noted photojournalist Dave Bishop, it's with sweet memories that we share our stories. We'll always miss our friend.

I met Dave Bishop at an IHRA race in Florida probably around 25 or so years ago. I was familiar with his work on the East Coast and especially Super Stock and Drag Illustrated. Dave asked me if I would be interested in helping shoot D1 races for NHRA. Of course I jumped at the chance but little did I realize the job wasn't paying much. But who in this sport expects to make money? This was as they say in the movies, the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Later Dave and I partnered in a monthly paper we called East Coast Drag News. Dave put every ounce of his energy and a lot of his own money covering the sport he loved. The days of us editing the paper together will be with me always. The  words friend and mentor are not strong enough to describe Dave Bishop. I will miss the man so much. -Phil Hutchison

Racers helping racers is nothing new. We all have stories of someone helping us out at the races. My Dave Bishop story involves a time when my son moved to the eastern shore of Maryland for an employment position. Obviously needing a place to stay, it was Dave who my call went out to with him helping to steer my son to a suitable place. Racers helping racers. -John DiBartolomeo