CTECH Manufacturing Steps In As Title Sponsor For K&K Motorsports

Casper, WY  (2/2/2019) – We are delighted to announce that CTECH Manufacturing will step in as our Title Partner to get things going for 2019.

"We has been in very complicated negotiations with an international company that wants to bring their products to the US Market. Negotiations like these are very complicated when a company is planning a manufacturing, sales, supply chain, and marketing strategy across many continents and countries.  It’s an exciting program to be involved with, but sometimes it takes longer than we would have hoped. But we realize that a program of this scope and size has to be done with precise planning and precision if the program is going to be successful" said Kris Hool.

Jim Greenheck, along with Dean Lee and everyone at CTECH have stepped in to say, “what can we do to help – what do you need to get things going for 2019”. What a great group of people to work with. With international sales experience themselves they realize the complications that exist in these kinds of negotiations. They have made it possible for us to go to the track and support them – as well as close the other multi-year deal. We simply could not start the 2019 season at this point with out their help. CTECH has saved our 2019 season and we are really going to be pushing to get them a win early in the year.

CTECH Manufacturing was founded in the early 90’s has been producing the most advanced carts, cabinets, drawers, and accessories for the racing and industrial industries. The top teams in many disciplines of Motorsports utilize CTECH equipment in their shops and at the race track.

Along with CTECH we are going to be featuring Motorsports.Media. Motorsports.Media is the only Media “sharing” site of its kind in the world. Specifically targeted to the Motorsports Community. News stories, YouTube videos, audio presentations and even podcasts are found on the site. And, the newest feature was just released – The Performance Directory.

The Motorsports.Media mission is to give a voice to all motorsports teams, even the drivers and teams you may not be familiar with. Those racers that are ignored by the traditional press.  Race teams are responding. A simple registration process and teams are able to start uploading news and information about their team within minutes.

All categories of motorsports are represented from all over the world. Drag Racing, Stock Cars, F1, F2, IMSA, Sprint Cars, Motorcycles, Pullers, and even Boat racing – they are all there and the categories are growing all the time! Drivers, race teams, race track owners, and race fans from 48 different countries have visited Motorsports.Media in the first 120 days. The growth has been amazing and we will work hard to keep that trend moving in the right direction.

NGK Spark Plugs is also back this year with their product and technical support.