ACL Renews Musi Racing Sponsorship, Continues as Official Supplier of Performance Engine Bearings of Pat Musi Racing Engines

ACL Renews Musi Racing Sponsorship

(April 1, 2021) MOORESVILLE, NC — After a successful first-year partnership, ACL Bearings and its ACL RACE Series Performance Engine Bearings are set to be the Official Engine Bearing of Pat Musi Racing Engines for a second straight year.

The sponsorship marked ACL’s first major drag racing sponsorship and it proved to be a rewarding one for both parties, as the custom engine bearing Pat Musi and his team designed and engineered for his applications were a success.

It strengthened an already great relationship and Musi is excited for what the future holds between the two companies.

“We’ve developed several products with them over the years and we’re working on developing some new things with them as well. We’re happy with them and they’re happy with us, so it’s working out great,” Musi said.

“They’ve got a really good engineering group and it’s a company full of good people. They’ve been a great group to work with.”

The ACL logo will also be prominently featured on each car driven by Lizzy Musi, including the “Aftershock” Camaro on the Street Outlaws: Fastest in America" series.

ACL RACE Series Performance Engine Bearings have been an important part for championship race engines in several racing series across the world. The company's product has been Musi’s bearing of choice long before the partnership began. The durability, especially when Musi started using them on his powerful 903 cubic-inch engines 15-plus years ago, impressed him immediately.

His championship-winning engines are known for their record-breaking performances across a range of classes and series in drag racing, and Musi needed a bearing that could hold up under extreme conditions. He found exactly that with ACL, putting his personal stamp of approval on a product that boasted remarkable durability and reliability.

“It’s just the best bearing out there and it’s always been a great piece for us,” Musi said. “I can depend on them, get repeatability on the part, and it’s just a great company to work with as well. It’s been a great deal for us. I’m not putting my name on something I don’t actually run myself and run through the grinder. Everything that goes in our engines is what we run and recommend. ACL is a great company and there’s no doubt it is our bearing of choice.”

With ACL’s innovative approach and Musi’s expertise, the custom engine bearing set was another big step forward as well. It’s an ideal product for all of Musi’s engines, from the massive 959-powered nitrous engines on down the line.

Plus, it’s ready to use immediately out of the box. That ease and accessibility has been critical in the development process, and Musi has his sights set on working with ACL even more in 2021 on a variety of projects. 

“We’re working on bearings for bracket car motors, and really selling more parts. We can help other engine shops pick the right bearings and help get them going in the right direction. That’s the next thing for us,” Musi said.

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Photo by Tara Bowker / Black Rock Photography