What's anyone's thoughts on this. A game-changer or just another way to increase costs?

The NHRA is looking for ways to enhance competition and participation in TAFC.  In doing so, we are contemplating the addition of A/Fuel Funny Car to the existing TAFC category.  The category would be run very similar to our existing TAD category with parity adjustments on an on-going, as needed basis.  Our efforts are to enhance competition as well as entice racers to join TAFC with an option other than supercharged alcohol burning engine combinations.  The A/Fuel option has potential of being a less expensive option to participate in the category.  Obviously engine and Funny Car body specifications will need to be discussed and finalized, as they will play a vital role in parity for the category.  We simply wanted to see if there is any interest in this direction for TAFC.  Please let us know your thoughts by emailing AFuelTAFC@nhra.com.