Maybe not the worst kept secret, but for the past five years, we have had the pleasure of funding Drag Racing Edge Magazine through Lucas Oil Products, who is responsible for the support of motorsports in general, drag racing specifically. They have been very supportive of our efforts and for that we can’t thank them enough. They have now unexpectedly decided to transition away from the publishing business.

Blame it on Covid, the economy, the rise of information available on the internet, changing business models, whatever; times change and we regret having to make this announcement.

Now after 31 bi-monthly print issues of Drag Racing Edge Magazine, the issue which will be shipped to subscribers in the coming week; January 2021; will be the last for a little while as we take a hiatus, shifting to a digital-only edition for the time being while still continuing to pursue other avenues in order to continue printing. In the coming months, you’ll see changes to our website – dragracingedge.com – which we hope you’ll continue to follow. You can still view all of our issues from Day 1 to present on our website.

We have always felt the printed word lasts far longer than an internet story. Having your name etched in a print book still means more to most than seeing it on a computer screen. But it does become harder to secure funding to continue printing and as such, this is a move we may not like, but change is inevitable and we will embrace it, continuing to support our followers.

For our subscribers, in the coming weeks you will receive a refund based on the issues you have remaining. Please allow us time to access all of the records.

Again, thank you for your support and hang on for the next chapter of Drag Racing Edge.