Exhibition Cars and Their Stars

Ever since my introduction to Drag Racing, it was apparent to me, there was a breed of vehicle that unlike a regular drag race car, were unique, sometimes odd, sometimes weird, but in most cases they… read more


Call it drag racing’s own Groundhog Day. You know the movie. Ironically it was a weatherman played by Bill Murray who finds himself in a time loop, waking up each day to find himself repeating the… read more


No, the sky is not falling. Drag racing is not dead and this magazine is not going out of business. I must be getting older. (Although I’ll never admit it and I’ll deny I even wrote this if I have… read more

Life As An Independent

When I first started to go to the drags, most everyone was an independent owner/driver of the car they raced. There were guys that had one or two small sponsor deals on the sides of their cars but… read more

Match Racing

The advent of television and the reality shows has brought new life to a great many things. Which brings us to the Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws. I’ve mentioned this before but for obvious… read more

Art Hayward, Me and Scoreboards

It was Sunday in Seattle ’75 after the race was over and I was sitting near the tower smoking a cigar watching the fireworks show in the pits. Back in those days there were several fuel drivers along… read more

Remember When: Trucks

In going through my photo's I ran across some truck photos I had forgotten about and these weren't your average trucks that one might think. Unfortunately, all of the photos are in black & white as… read more

Deep Staging - WHY?

John DiBartolomeo … I’m writing this two days removed from a tragedy that occurred in our little world. One that was wrong on many levels. I’m sure you’ve all seen the video and read the reports. The… read more

Remember When - Wally & Me

The year would have been about 1970 when I got the job as the NHRA Division 3 Photographer, a job I went on to hold for 26 years. It was during those years that I honed my skills as a photographer as… read more

Deep Staging - What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

The Grateful Dead said it all in 1977: What a long strange trip it's been.For a kid who barely edged his way through high school English, got in trouble for reading a car magazine during English Lit… read more

Remember When - Sometimes They're Rare

Over the years I’ve found myself shooting car features for magazines and ended up being impressed with the car for various reasons. All the cars I’ve shot over the years were impressive, clean and… read more

Deep Staging - Oildowns & Insurance

The backbone of any racing series, sanctioning body or even a local drag strip are the racers themselves. We can talk all we want about spectators and fans, but the truth of the matter is that… read more