We’re all losers… Okay, so that’s being a little harsh, but at one thing or another, we do lose. So much so that losing might even be engrained in the American lifestyle. Nobody likes to talk about… read more


For a guy that has been knocking around in the world of NHRA Drag Racing for way more years than I care to recall, once I started doing work for magazines, things changed a little in my life. Gone… read more


I realize this is probably one issue late, as the Gatornationals was held two months ago but that event meant so much to me. I always looked forward to attending, as I “think” my very first time was… read more


There’s a saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I guess that means I haven’t worked in a very long time. If that’s the case though, what in the h--- do I do from… read more

Deep Staging - A Simple Thank You

Words John DiBartolomeo … I recently read an older issue of ArrowTrade magazine; no, I’m not a bow hunter, nor even a hunter at all. With all due respect to those who hunt, I prefer to obtain my meat… read more

Remember When - The Fours And Sixes

Words/Photos Richard Brady … One of the enduring things about spending 26 years as the NHRA Division 3 Photographer is that in the early days, the NHRA was still running both pros along with all the… read more

Who Won?

That’s the point of this column. We all know there are a flood of big-time bracket races happening almost every weekend of the year. Add in the increasing amount of sportsman-type circuit events and… read more

The List

There comes a time after you’ve been doing the same thing over and over for years that at some point one must consider maybe walking away to enjoy retirement. This was made quite obvious to me this… read more


FOREVER IN MY HEART … It’s taken a little while for me to put this all into perspective. I wrote in our last issue in this column; Deep Staging; as to my win at the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA… read more


I’m often asked what is my favorite class, or which is my favorite track? Or, and here is the tricky part, is the Drag Racing of today better than the older Drag Racing? In truth I don't know there… read more


Words John DiBartolomeo … There’s much more to winning than just having a good car or being a good driver. That’s something I’ve come to realize but I’m not sure what that other factor is. I’ve been… read more


Words Richard Brady Photos Courtesy NHRA/National Dragster … Few might be unaware of the passing of Art Hayward earlier this year, who was responsible for the Christmas tree starting line system and… read more

Refrigerators & Payouts

Words John DiBartolomeo … If you’ll read further in this issue, you’ll find our story on contingency programs. I won’t rehash the story here but point out an inadequacy with regards to payouts. read more


Words/Photos Richard Brady … Back when I lived in Indianapolis, there would be times when I would be called upon to cover some race announcement or the debut of a new car. It could mean having to… read more

Remember When - Memories

We all have memories of Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown. I always enjoyed this track, going there since 1975 and driving for the most part which in itself is a feat considering all… read more

Deep Staging - Can't Go Back Again

For those of you living in southern California, we now know how you feel. [caption id="attachment_255" align="alignright" width="150"] John DiBartolomeo[/caption] With the closing of drag racing… read more

Remember When: Not A Natural Driver

A long time ago in what seems like a galaxy far far away (sorry for the Star Wars reference) at a drag strip in the Midwest in the ‘60's I actually made an attempt at being a drag racer when I wasn't… read more

Deep Staging: A Racer's Market

We obviously attempt to cover different styles of drag racing in the pages of Drag Racing Edge, but to be truthful, I myself am a bracket racer at heart. However, bracket racing might just be at a… read more

Deep Staging: The Sky Is Falling

Words/Photos John DiBartolomeo … We knew it was bound to happen and I’m sure you’ve already read the release from the NHRA. In case you haven’t, as of 2055, the NHRA Kitty Litter Drag Racing Series… read more

Remember When: The Altered Years

Without a doubt, one of the great things about being a photographer of drag race cars to me, is the absolute variety of cars there are and always have been. It's always been like that for me, right… read more