NHRA Toyota Nationals Super Comp Winner – Marko Perivolaris

Growing up in a household where his father raced on the dirt circle tracks of California, all it took was one quick trip down the quarter-mile when he turned 16-years old for Marko Perivolaris and his family to be hooked forever.

Now as a two-time NHRA national event winner after his win in Super Comp at the Toyota Nationals in Las Vegas, 22-year old Perivolaris is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

“It was shortly after that first time at the track that my Dad retired from circle track racing and he has been supporting both myself and my sister Lela,” said Perivolaris. “He and my mother Ellen have always said that the most important thing for them was to support us in whatever we do, and I can’t thank them enough for that.”

Racing in both the Super Comp and Super Gas classes in Vegas, an untimely fourth round loss in Super Gas to eventual winner Val Torres, ended his weekend in that class and might have given him an extra incentive to do well behind the wheel of the “long car.”

With reaction times in the teens and double-0s, coupled with consistent elapsed times provided by his sister Lela, Perivolaris was able to make his way through some tough opponents and seven rounds of eliminations. “At that first drag race when I was 16,” he says, “going into first round, my Dad and sister were discussing what to dial. As it turned out, Lela was much closer to what the car ran than my Dad and she’s been dialing me in ever since.”

A graduate of the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School, Perivolaris’ toughest round might have been fourth when he had to face Ken Mostowich’s fast Camaro door car, somewhat of an oddity in the usual all-dragster field. “Every round was tough,” he said, “and at events like this, you have to bring your A-game. In the fourth round against the door car, I had to pay special attention to the shorter length of the car and the closing rate of speed.”

That win placed him in the fifth round and a “two for one,” the winner receiving the bye run in the semifinals on Sunday, to move right into the final. Another teen reaction time in the final against Mark Potts was enough to seal the victory for Perivolaris.

“A huge thanks goes out to my Mom and Dad along with my sister Lela,” says the Sonoma State University student. “I also have to thank Casner Racing, Hoosier Tires, Thorsson’s Auto Center, Fig Speed, K&N Filters and all of our friends who have helped up over the years.”

The win boosted his standings in the world points and will help to assure him a top ten finish in the class.