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With his 100th national event win this past weekend in Chicago, Dan Fletcher finally got the monkey off his back. The truth is though, there never was one there.

“The only monkey there was the one screaming ‘Win races so you can pay bills’,” said Fletcher. “I think it’s a pretty cool fact to get to 100 wins, but I was more concerned this year with not getting a win at this point. I was way more mad about that than getting to 100. It just always seemed like I was on the wrong side of a thousandth of a second in every case.

“I guess I’m just happy now that people will stop talking about it. It didn’t bother me that I wasn’t getting No. 100. It bothered me that I wasn’t winning,” he said.

Number 100 came in a class which he doesn’t always race. Noted for his expertise in the Stock and Super Stock classes, as well as Comp, Super Street might seem a little out of place for the Churchville, New York racer, but a racer is a racer regardless of the class and Fletch knows how to win nevertheless.

With seven race cars in the Fletcher household along with sons Thomas and Timothy driving, choosing the one to race might seem to take an act of Congress. “I don’t always choose which car to drive that is in my best interest,” he said. “For Chicago, I wanted to run my dragster in Super Comp and to bring either the Super Stocker or Stocker meant the classes would be run back-to-back, not leaving much time and making it difficult for me. We built the Nova for Timothy to race, but I let him run what is essentially Dad’s car earlier in the year, the Super Stocker, and he did very well, a runner-up and a win. As a matter of fact, both he and Thomas took the Stocker and Super Stocker to the Pittsburgh IHRA race this past weekend and they did well there too with two final round appearances and one win.

“I just decided to take the Nova and have some fun, maybe change things up a bit,” he adds. “I didn’t have to worry about the ladder, and in fact I never even looked at it. Didn’t concern myself with what class to run, shutting off to qualify in a certain spot, nothing. I never looked at a qualifying sheet, Drag Race Central, nothing. I was on vacation. I wanted to run the dragster because I won’t run it again until Indy and I’m taking Dad’s car and the COPO out to the west coast swing. I lost second round to Shawn Langdon in Super Comp, but it was a very enjoyable weekend.”

An extremely smart racer, Fletcher is definitely a student of the game. He might say he doesn’t makes the best business decision as to which car to drive, but once in that class, he studies it emphatically in an effort to give him the best chance to win. Is No. 100 important to him? It certainly means a lot, but so did all the rest of the previous 99. Number 100 certainly puts him in an exclusive position in our sport, but for Dan Fletcher, winning; regardless if it’s 100 or any of the others; enables him to pay his bills, and that’s what’s important.

Racing like he does would not even be possible if it weren’t for the many sponsors who help to support him; PEAK, Mickey Thompson Tires, K&N Filters, Denso Spark Plugs, ATI Performance and VP Racing Fuels. “I really have to thank each one of them for the help they provide,” Fletcher said.

Our congratulations goes out to him on No. 100, but also just on the win itself. And we’re quite certain he’s not done yet.

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