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06152017 brookstsrWords Phil Hutchison

Jeff Brooks, Fredericksburg, VA, is on a roll in the Top Sportsman series having won the recent Norwalk, OH, Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series divisional three weeks ago and now the NHRA Summernationals in Englishtown, NJ.

The Virginia racer won the finals at E-Town over the tire spinning Camaro of Ron Riegel while Brooks put his JEB Four Racing team ’51 Henry J down the slick course with a 6.84 on a 6.79 dial. The win was Brooks’ second win at the New Jersey facility having won the event in 2015.

“This weekend we raced the track more than the competition,” Brooks said. “It was a slippery track and we made sure we did not overpower it. Usually when it’s hot and nasty out like this weekend the faster cars like ours struggle more, so we raced the track and calmed the car so we could make it down the strip. Normally we have the car dialed in much lower and hit the 60-foot harder. It got extremely bad by the final eliminations. Riegel had trouble in the final getting loose off the starting line.”

Brooks continued, “I’m glad I have been doing this for a long time and have the experience to get the car down the track and if it’s going to be a tricky race track, let’s set the car up to handle the tricky stuff. Round two against Luc Angers Pontiac,” Brooks said, “was extremely close with him breaking out by one thousandths and then getting by Ronnie Proctor to get in the finals was wild as Ronnie broke out too.”  

The race against Proctor was won by Brooks’ better 0.026 light against Proctor’s 0.043 RT and made it tough for the Harpers Ferry, WV, driver to beat Brooks as he had to push his Mustang a little too much in the breakout loss.

The winning car’s chassis was built by Dan Page and Terry Hall did the unique Henry J body. Rick Bell supplied the paint job with a design by Bruce Deveau. Power is supplied by a Sonny Leonard 706-inch nitrous aided BBC.

“I have to thank my brother Jamie who is my crew chief, and my dad James and my wife Sarah for letting me go out and do this stuff,” Brooks said. “I also have to thanks Kaeser Compressors as I could not do this without their support, plus thanks goes out to Royal Purple, Sonny’s World Class Racing Engines and Lucas Oil. Also, Bernard Weaver who does my transmissions and got me into racing and is the main reason I’m broke now! And my good friends the Benoits and Turners who were not racing this weekend but were in contact with me round by round. And I really have to thank for providing their support for the class.”

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